Luigi Carlon and the greeting from a distant friend

350 works located in 18 thematic rooms on the main floor of a beautiful 17th century building. The artistic scene in Verona and Italy is enriched by Palazzo Maffei, the house-museum which will open on February 15 in the city of Verona. The soul of this important event is Luigi Carlon, Cavaliere del Lavoro, entrepreneur and collector from Verona, and Gabriella Belli, Director of the Fondazione Musei Civici Veneziani, that curated the musicographic project.

"The passion for art was a natural thing. The pleasure of beauty has always pushed me towards this world. My first important work was Greeting from a Distant Friend, a 1916 painting by Giorgio De Chirico. Some of you may remember from the recent exhibition de Chirico" curated by Luca Massimo Barbero at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. De Chirico’s work toured various museums around the world. He immediately fascinated me. I have always been a great lover of metaphysics. When I started to buy works and to increase the collection, I starting from modern art. Then I expanded my interest also to ancient art. The places where I live also influenced me, being close to Ponte Pietra in the historical centre of Verona. I also have a passion for antique furniture, and at the same time, for Bauhaus furniture. My collection today expands over centuries, in a historical-cultural path that crosses genres and techniques. Palazzo Maffei is the home of a collector who has known how to wander in an eclectic way and who still has not abandoned passion ».

Here the interview of Artribune to Luigi Carlon.

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