choreographer and dancer: Camilla Monga
soundscapes: Federica Furlani
Produced by: Teatro Stabile di Verona


7-8 / 14 -15 / 21- 22/28 - 29 May 2022
4-5 June , 2022
11.15 am


ME TIME - A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN - 10 appointments on weekends from 7 May to 5 June.

Music and dance immerse the viewers in a sound and visual atmosphere that leads them through the rooms of Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo as in a landscape, coming to perceive continuous changes that alternate according to the different sounds.

Listening to music through the Silent Play system - special headphones in compliance with Anti Covid regulations - creates a special contact with each visitor within each room.

ME TIME turns into a sound journey in dialogue with the pieces of the collection and the choreographic actions.

Camilla Monga, recognized as one of the most interesting choreographers of her generation on the contemporary scene, (her choreographies have also been performed at the Mart in Rovereto, at the Venice Biennale, at the Museum of Modern Art in Mosca, at the Milan Triennale) performs her creations in small spaces and in dialogue with the works of art on display, based on a geometric conformation that allows a series of variations depending on the position of the viewer. Each choreography is accompanied by "soundscapes" by Federica Furlani, composer and musician who has also been collaborating for several years with great Italian directors such as Carmelo Rifici and Antonio Latella.

Federica Furlani's musical research takes inspiration from the reflections of the great environmental composers Raymond Murray Schafer and Brian Eno. She in particular interprets the "third sound landscape" defined as the characteristic landscape of an environment or a community. These are unique sounds in the world, which have a great value: they represent the sound heritage of the places we live in and help us to rediscover different identities that continue to change as the nature that surrounds us changes in a journey that never seems to have an end.

The "themed" rooms that characterize the second floor of the House Museum are therefore associated with different sounds, a dramatic basis for a reconnaissance of time, conveying an idea of ​​how the identity of man is linked to nature in the past, in the present and in the future.


Show starts at 11.15

Museum opening at 11

info and pre-sales:

full - € 15 + € 1.5 presale

Over65, Under26, Members Palazzo Maffei House Museum - 10 € + 1 € presale

The performance ticket also entitles you to visit the first floor of the Museum

Limited capacity

We recommend the pre-sale purchase at:

Teatro Nuovo box office from Monday to Saturday 15.30 / 19.30 Teatro Nuovo Piazza Viviani 10 045 8006100

Box Office from Monday to Friday 9.30 / 12.30 and 15.30 / 19 - Via Pallone 16, Verona 045 8011154


On show mornings, subject to availability, tickets can be purchased directly at Palazzo Maffei - Casa Museo