The hidden science in art

The students of the University of Verona, Department of Culture and Civilization, will build a bridge between science and art, revealing, in the works of the Collection, connections that show the often underestimated link between scientific knowledge and artistic creation. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Leandro Erlich: optical illusions

Alberto Burri: combustion

Giacomo Balla: vectors and lines of force

Gerrit Rietveld: geometry

Luigi Russolo: sound waves and the futurist research

Leoncillo Leonardi: geology

Gaspar Van Wittel: the camera obscura

Giorgio De Chirico: perspective and its optical illusions

Giacomo Balla: the refraction of light according to Newton

Illuminated manuscripts: the chemistry of the pigments

Josef Albers: the perception of colour

Giovanni Ceschini: the star of Bethlehem and the scientific hypotheses

Altichiero da Verona: the scientific research in 13th century Padua

Lucio Fontana: space and matter

Giacomo Balla: the transit of Mercury across the sun

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