Beauty is a ready-made.
The new work of art by Claire Fontaine.


A work by Claire Fontaine, an international artistic collective, enters the collection of the House Museum in Verona. “Beauty is a ready-made”, a work conceived and set up in relation to the nineteenth-century sculpture of “La Bagnante” by Alessandro Puttinati which welcomes the visitors in the courtyard of Palazzo Maffei, becomes an invitation to reflect on beauty, its ambiguities and exploitation of the female body.

After some important works by contemporary artists such as Arcangelo Sassolino, Maurizio Nannucci, Daan Roosegaarde, Chiara Dynys, Leandro Erlich, Nunzio, Giuseppe Gallo and other young artists, a new important work created by the artistic collective enters the collection of Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo in Verona, CLAIRE FONTAINE who, in an unprecedented and compelling dialogue with the ancient, invites reflection on the role of art, on the concept of beauty and its ambiguity, on the exploitation of female aesthetics, yesterday and today.

The choice of the artist for this further opening to the contemporary of Palazzo Maffei is by Gabriella Belli, who is also responsible for the scientific project and the exhibition itinerary of the
House Museum. The work of Claire Fontaine – among the most interesting protagonists of the art scene, with a deliberately feminine soul, a feminist commitment and a reference to the ready-made and Duchamp’s experience – is proposed in a site-specific installation in dialogue with the precious nineteenth-century sculpture of “La Bagnante” by Alessandro Puttinati (Verona, 1801 – Milan, 1872), a masterpiece of Lombard Romanticism that welcomes visitors in the atrium of the monumental building, home to the Museum in Piazza delle Erbe.

BEAUTY IS A READY-MADE is proposed in a highly effective installation, which questions the univocal concept of beauty and the conventional meaning that this term assumes, and which implicitly denounces the debasement and commodification of the female body.