Welcome to Palazzo Maffei An extraordinary Art Collection in the heart of Verona



Open every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays
10.00 - 18.00
(last entrance at 17.10)


To buy a ticket click here Tickets can be bought online or directly at the ticket office of Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo.

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The House Museum

In piazza delle Erbe, in Verona, an eclectic path between masterpieces and curiosities that go through more than five centuries. A Wunderkammer with thematic nuclei of ancient art in which the dialogue with modernity and the charm of a private dwelling breaks out.

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Casa Museo Palazzo Maffei - Verona

Fabriano All Around!
The Drawing Festival at Palazzo Maffei

Palazzo Maffei House Museum participates in Fabriano All Around! The Drawing Festival.

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Casa Museo Palazzo Maffei - Verona


Casa Museo Palazzo Maffei - Verona

A focus on Veronese painting. The passion for Italian Futurism and metaphysics. Authentic masterpieces of modern and contemporary art, great masters of the twentieth century. Over 500 works in dialogue between the arts. Discover the treasures of the Luigi Carlon Collection.

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The Collector

“The works I have collected are tales of life, gestures of love, testimonies of the unique and singular sensibility of the artists met over the years.” Luigi Carlon

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Casa Museo Palazzo Maffei - Verona


Casa Museo Palazzo Maffei - Verona

Beyond the gate of Palazzo Maffei, a new adventure of art begins. A chest is opened, the great passion is told.

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Family activities

Casa Museo Palazzo Maffei - Verona

Palazzo Maffei House Museum offers numerous activities for families, such as thematic guided tours of the Collection for adults and children.

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