The restoration

From the majestic Baroque facade to the rooms of the Piano Nobile, a careful conservation has brought Palazzo Maffei back to its original splendour.

Palazzo Maffei, the spectacular backdrop of what is now known as Piazza delle Erbe, together with the Torre del Gardello, delimits the north-western side of the ancient roman forum of Verona. Although it had been the subject of a restoration of the stone elements about twenty years ago, the facade of the building was in need of general maintenance. The project, entrusted to Massimo Tisato, gave rise to a general “clearing up”, aimed at checking the safety and removing the atmospheric particle and the smog that had deposited “inexorably” in the last 20 years, following the criteria of “minimum intervention “, the” reversibility of the intervention “and the” physical and chemical compatibility” between the original materials and the newest technologies of restoration. The conservative intervention also involved the decoration of the rooms on the piano nobile of Palazzo Maffei. The intervention was limited and had as a goal the timely conservation and the elimination of the causes of degradation. The restoration involved the decorated ceilings, the frescoes, the stucco decorations and the stone elements of the Central Hall.

All the conservative cleaning, consolidation and protection operations have been carried out according to the above criteria and taking the NORMAL Recommendations as guidelines. The strictly conservative intervention was carried out using skilled workers in the conservation of architectural heritage (works in the OS2-A category), with the help of specific materials of the best quality available on the market, without defects.

The restoration was carried out in agreement with the Management office, entrusted to the architect Paolo Baldessari and the engineer Alessandro Mosconi, and the Special Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Verona.